A Bridge to My Ancestors

Born in the valley of the sun, but not where my people come from.

The one that’s surrounded by buildings in the city where flowers get wilted are stories are covered in pavement redbone’s beneath the mud.
From the city where you’re always welcome but we miss no one.
I can remember being told as a kid never forget who you are your roots run deep the music I make is a reflection of me.
Past present and future get laid on the line with each song I write comes straight from my mind I represent the Yoeme tribe got cast aside, then swam with the tide why you think we protect the water.
Being born in Los Angeles as a Native American, my identity quest felt like a maze. Amidst the urban sprawl, my community became my compass, lifting my spirit during moments of doubt.
Music became a bridge to my ancestors, connecting me to my roots, bringing solace to my evolving identity.
Growing up in Los Angeles has been a stroke of luck that uniquely prepared me for a career in the music industry.
The city’s vibrant music scene, diverse cultural influences, and exposure to artistic innovation have shaped my understanding of music in profound ways. It provided a rich tapestry of experiences and opportunities, fostering my passion and knowledge, making me feel well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of music.

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