Important cultural developments deserve to be chronicled, especially when they sparkle and roar and brood with passion, creativity, wonder and historical significance. Saddle Mountain Post documents an independent country music scene that is reclaiming North America’s oldest music traditions while creating something wholly new in the process. We examine the music, the people creating it, the community that has sprung up to support it, the themes on which the music is built, and why it all matters so much. More can be found here.

Sean Smith is the editor of Saddle Mountain Post. He has written about music, fatherhood and culture for The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Nashville Tennessean, Politico, Grammy.com and Voices of the River. Sean is a native Oregonian, a proud member of the Chinook Indian Nation, and now resides in Berkeley, CA with his wife and two young sons. He is also an executive at the Recording Academy, the organization responsible for the Grammy Awards and much more. The views expressed on this site should not be confused to represent the views of anyone other than the author.